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    SHS Capital Inc. is a premier emerging markets investment management and financial advisory firm serving our European clients through our London office located at 5 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2DL, and leading the way in wealth management, capital raising, strategy and management consulting.

SHS Capital is a private investment firm providing global high-end international investment portfolio models and innovative financing solutions. SHS Capital’s primary mission is to originate, advice or support investment allocation, portfolio management and direct investment globally. SHS will support investment projects and International trade transaction by arranging, structuring, and/or providing financing. SHS partners with leading fund providers from a host of international financial resources that includes hedge funds, global investment funds, commercial banks, multinational and bilateral lending institutions, export credit agencies, and capital markets.

It is important to us that we manage your business, institutional or personal finances with an excellent style to achieve best results. At SHS Capital we strive for excellence in all that we do. We invest in innovation and creativity and above all, seek excellence in our relationships with our clients. With us, our Clients are assured of best practices, prudent and innovative Financial Advisory Services from our professionals at all times. We take care to recruit and retain only the best professionals. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of professionals with great experience. Our Professionals are happy because they work in an enabling environment which provides several opportunities for growth and gives them the fulfillment of doing what they love best. We also strive for excellence in solutions delivery through networking with the right people and institutions. In order to turn your business and investments into the ultimate success story, it is necessary that we create and maintain the right partnerships - with the most influential players in the industry and around the globe. This is what SHS stands for- creating the right partnerships and delivering the best service to our clients, our most essential partners. We want to grow with you, to achieve success together and to celebrate excellence.




Various Policies and programs on Anti-money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) have largely called for various preventive measures including customer due diligence, keeping record of financial transactions and reporting suspicious ones. Numerous regulations imposed on countries’ financial systems intended to thwart money laundering, have been viewed as key components also in the fight against terrorist financing. As such, the anti-money laundering (AML) focus of the Ghana’s Financial Intelligence Center (FIC), the transnational bodies like Inter-Governmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA), Financial Action Task Force (FATF) have been extended to combating terrorist financing (CFT). This has been prominently witnessed by the issuance of the FATF’s nine special recommendations on terrorist financing, in addition to the previously existing 40 recommendations on money laundering.

GWIL Group Inc. takes note of the extent global money laundering and terrorist financing has on nations and has carved AML/CTF Policy for its operation.
2. Local AML/CTF Regulator – FIC website 
3. International Regulation
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