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We are an International Commodity Trading company with major interest in oil and gas trading with corporate presence in Ghana (2nd Floor, Ghana Commercial Bank Building, Harbor Business Area, Takoradi-Ghana / 150 Section 114, Block 6, La Bawaleshie, East Lagon Pawpaw Street, Accra-Ghana), the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Suite 25 God’s Own Plaza, Garki Abuja-Nigeria), the United States of America (1620 Central Ave Ste 202, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA) and the United  Kingdom (5 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2DL) through our various afflictions and subsidiaries.

    STALWART OIL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (SOIL) is a subsidiary of GWIL GROUP incorporated in both Accra, Ghana and State of Wyoming, United States of America and is aim at developing and implementing the Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials (Oil & Gas) which will be situated at Bonyere Industrial Enclave, Axim in the western Region of Ghana.

SOIL holds an International oil & gas trading license and facilitates oil contracts through its strategic alliance partnerships with NNPC and NNPC’s Allocation Holders for OPEC and OFF-OPEC deals respectively. In Ghana, SOIL holds a license to build and operate a Petrochemical Complex among which would include a 300,000 BPCD Export Oriented Oil Refinery.
This is being done through effective collaboration and joint venture partnership among the Ghanaian Government, GWIL GROUP and Foreign Direct Investors.  The Complex will consist of a 300,000 BPCB Crude Oil Refinery, 10,000 TPCB PVC Petrochemical Plant, 10,000 TPCB Urea & Ammonia Fertilizer Plant, Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant, 50.000m³ LPG Tank Farm, 9 X 250,000 Ton Tank Firm and 1GW Power Generation Plant. The complex is to be supplied with both of Crude oil and Natural gas, the crude oil from the Jubilee field with a low sulphur feedstock and with an API of 42 with contingency supply from Nigeria. This will be transported by Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) and coastal tanker as the lateral pipe line has not been completed. The complex will be self-contained for which we will construct a loading/unloading  facility  thus  enabling  the  export of products  to  North, West,  and  South  Africa without interruption. It will also consist of a 1 GW Green Electricity Generation Plant with significant amount of electricity needed for the use of the complex and the rest sold to the national grid for domestic network distribution for which is in need of a reliable supply of power. This will be generated from the associated gas and  the  residual  fraction (produced  by the  refinery)  which  has  a  lower  market value along with renewable energy.

has  its field operational offices in Ghana with  a core  operations  focus  on  Africa. SOIL is focused  on  expanding  its  presence  on  the African  continent  with a capital  partnership  with  its  financial and  energy  sector development  partners JS NEOPLANT CO. LTD.  APEC  and  SHS Capital Inc.

Through our African headquarters we have also established our company’s presence through major partnerships in the oil and gas sectors of Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Cote D’Ivoire and Sierra Leone.